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Skills for Life overview – Skills for Life (SFL) is an innovative initiative aimed at empowering First Nations participants by equipping them with essential employability skills and specialised labour market training, paving clear pathways to employment opportunities.

SFL focuses on building confidence, self-worth and a sense of belonging through differentiated training that integrates the 8 Ways of Learning and the Core Skills for Work Developmental Frameworks. Co-facilitated by Gadhungal Marring and One Training, the program emphasises cultural connection, incorporating Indigenous pedagogy and fosters inclusivity and respect for unique cultural heritage. This approach creates a supportive environment where participants feel valued and supported, enhancing their ability to succeed in employment, promote personal growth, development and wellbeing while deepening their connection with their cultural heritage.

Units of Competency

Skills for Life has a total for six (6) Units of Competency (UoC). Four (4) of the UoC are a part of the Digital Proficiency component of the program and don’t change. The other two (2) UoC are industry specific and will depend on the labour market the program is focusing on and the demands/ needs of the employers. 
Digital Proficiency UoC include:
BSBTEC101 Operate digital devices
BSBWRT311 Write simple documents
BSBCMM411 Make presentations
BSBTEC203 Research using the internet

Program Purpose

At One Training our philosophy is structured around these three components:

Key Benefits

Employment Regions

Program Supporters


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