Discover Warehousing

Discover Warehousing

Get ready to excel in the logistics and warehousing labour market with Discover Warehousing! This 7-day course is designed to build the confidence and skills necessary for participants to succeed in this exciting industry. Co-delivered with Back2Work, attendees will receive three non-vocational intervention sessions covering areas such as problem-solving, communication, and motivation, as well as insights into personal strengths, interests, and organisational dynamics to set them up for success in the workplace..

The four days of national endorsed training in this program will include the unit of competency HLTWHS005 – Conduct Manual Handling Tasks Safely, with learning outcomes specifically tailored for warehousing. Attendees will learn to plan and organise work priorities, evaluate performance and set goals, and engage in professional learning for continuous improvement. Additional topics include Workplace Health and Safety Act regulations, roles and responsibilities, risk management, and correct physical lifting techniques.

Join Discover Warehousing and receive a statement of attainment upon completion, showcasing your newly acquired skills to potential employers. Take the first step towards your exciting new career in logistics and warehousing!

Nationally Endorsed Training

HLTWHS005 – Conduct Manual Handling Tasks Safely


You will learn how to identify manual tasks that may involve risks to yourself or others. This will involve recognising the potential hazards associated with the task, identifying the risk factors that contribute to the danger, and assessing the nature and extent of the risks involved. Additionally, you will need to follow your organisation’s procedures for controlling hazardous manual tasks to ensure that they are conducted safely and efficiently. By mastering these skills, you will be better equipped to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace and ensure that manual tasks are carried out in a safe and responsible manner.


You will learn the essential skills required to prepare for manual tasks in a safe and efficient manner. This will include understanding how to prepare the workplace layout and environment in accordance with organisation procedures, organising the task and workflow effectively, and properly packaging and moving loads while taking into account specific requirements for different materials and organisation procedures. You will also learn how to select and use personal protective equipment appropriate to the task, as well as how to ensure that the task is within your personal capabilities. By mastering these skills, you will be able to carry out manual tasks in a way that minimises the risk of accidents and injuries, optimises workflow, and ensures that tasks are completed safely and effectively.


You will learn the skills necessary to complete manual tasks safely and efficiently. This will involve using appropriate posture and handling techniques to reduce muscle load and minimise the risk of injury or strain. Additionally, you will learn how to select, adjust, and use mechanical aids and handling devices in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to optimise efficiency and safety. It is also essential to pace and schedule tasks according to procedures to ensure that they are completed within the designated timeframe while minimising the risk of overexertion or fatigue. By mastering these skills, you will be able to carry out manual tasks with confidence, minimising the risk of injury and ensuring that tasks are completed safely and efficiently.


You will learn the essential skills required to contribute to safe work practices and maintain a safe and healthy workplace. This will involve identifying hazardous manual tasks and reporting them to the supervisor in accordance with the organisation’s procedures. Additionally, you will learn how to follow the organisation’s procedures for reporting symptoms of injury or actual injury to yourself and others. You will also participate in workplace safety activities and contribute to the improvement of manual tasks to maintain a safe work environment. Finally, you will learn how to contribute to the risk management approach to reduce the risks associated with manual tasks. By mastering these skills, you will be able to play an active role in promoting a culture of safety in the workplace, minimising the risk of accidents and injuries, and ensuring that manual tasks are completed safely and efficiently.

Employment Outcomes


Forklift Driver

Receivables Clerk

Picker & Packer

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Yes, we encourage full attendance to maximise learning, however, One Training can accomodate 1 missed day if a Participant has a valid reason to be absent. During the 3 Back2Work days, it is essential that participants attend in a full-time capacity to meet their progress report requirements.

One Training and Back2Work take a collaborative approach within the learning environment, so that participants feel supported to achieve successfully while learning alongside the Trainer and from others. High impact strategies are used to ensure each participant receives differentiated support and everyone has a positive learning experience.

One Training has created each Discovery Course to reflect the local jobs plan as set out by Workforce Australia. The local labour market has been researched to ensure that employment opportunities are aligned to industry focussed learning.

Back2Work are a valued partner in delivering exceptional non-vocational intervention alongside One Training’s vocational training. This provides participants with an opportunity to engage with a clinician who supports the soft skills employers are seeking in employees. This includes but is not limited to skills in communication, problem solving, developing initiative, goal setting and identifying interests and capabilities.

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