Become a OneTraining Education Partner
+ receive a FREE Vitadrop starter pack

Reach peak physical + mental performance with Vitadrop

Vitadrop’s hydrating range provides the functional benefits to reach peak performance and gain the mental clarity needed to further your career and personal growth as an Education Partner.

  • All education partners receive a FREE Vitadrop starter pack (valued at $100)
  • Education Partners will also be able to provide their staff and members free access to One Training’s Masterclasses

Become an Education Partner before the end of February and if your staff or members enrol into the SIS30321 Certificate III in Fitness, they will receive the SIS40221 Certificate IV in Fitness for FREE


What is an Education Partnership?

One Training’s Education Partnership is designed to provide a long term learning and development solution for your organisation’s employees, members and stakeholders.

One Training

Empowering our community to reach new heights through our tailored approach to learning.

What does an Education Partnership look like?


Professional Development

Assistance in the development of your internal professional
development training and upskilling of staff


Staff shortage? No Problem!

Assisting in filling your staff shortages through One Training’s pool of Fitness students, including athletes

Sponsorship & Scholarships

Assistance in driving any of your gyms community or charity initiatives with members

Discounted Courses for Staff

Providing 50% discount on Certificate IV in Fitness course to your staff members

Earn a Referral Fee

Providing you with 10% referral fee for any member who engages in one of One Training’s courses

Industry Partner Special Offers

Gain access to One Training’s Health and Fitness industry Partners to access exclusive deals e.g. Vitadrop

How are we different to other RTO’s

  1. Engaging education based on academically published research
  2. Creating a genuine partnership to help you grow you business
  3. Holistic Education partner to deliver learning specific to the needs of you staff and members

Our Industry Partners

Our Sporting Affiliations

Current Students

One Training’s unique, tailored approach to online learning is highly recognised within the Australian sporting landscape. Due to this reputation, One Training is the leading provider of fitness qualifications for professional athletes.

Your Questions, Our Answers

Most frequent questions and answers
One Training’s Education Partnership is a mutual partnership where both you as the gym owner and One Training as the Education Partner work together to identify training development opportunities for your staff, members and stakeholders in order to retain, upskill and attract new staff. One Training also connects you with our industry partners to help provide more value for your staff and members.
Your input into the requirements of your gym, whether this may be upskilling current staff, filling staff shortages or providing additional value to your members. In order to do this all that is required on an ongoing basis is to pass on learning and development opportunities to your staff and members and utilise the cross promotional strategies through co-branded assets that One Training create.
Once engaged in an educational partnership you will get regular access to any staff that becomes available through our pool of highly skilled and qualified trainers. Along with this, there will be regular check-ins face to face and via zoom to allow you the opportunity to map out how we can upskill both current staff and members.
  • Tailored learning solutions for staff and members
  • Discounted course options for staff and members
  • Referral fees
  • Special offers from industry partners
  • Provide your members with additional value through learning and development opportunities and industry partner offers.
  • Upskill and retain staff
  • Provide staff shortage solutions to grow your business

Learn about an Education Partnership

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