The Laptop Project

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Digital Ready is an innovative, nationally recognised pre-employment training program designed to empower long-term unemployed job seekers. Our mission is to equip our participants with essential digital literacy skills and bolster their confidence and self-worth.

Thoughtfully crafted, our Digital Ready program equips participants with the necessary tools and resources to navigate today’s digitally driven landscape. Through a comprehensive approach to job readiness training, participants embark on a transformative journey with a focus on digital proficiency and self-awareness that equips them with foundational skills and instils confidence uncovering a pathway to personal and professional growth.

Units of Competency

The Laptop Project encompasses a comprehensive curriculum consisting of the following units of competency:

BSBTEC101 – Operate digital services
BSBWRT311 – Write simple documents
BSBTEC203 –  Research using the internet

Key Benefits

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